Principal’s Message

The purpose of this handbook is to give parents, guardians, teachers, and students a concise source of information on our school, its rules, goals, and expectations. It is important that all of us who are part of the school become familiar with the expectations of the school.

Process

The Public Schools Branch is committed to making schools a safe place for all children, staff and visitors.   All staff will wear a photo identification card while in the building.  Visitors, parents and volunteers will also be required to wear  identification while in the building in the event of a lockdown, which requires police presence in our school.  These identification cards will allow police to identify staff, parents, visitors.  Other individuals who are not authorized to be on the premises will then be clearly identified. Please sign-in in the office upon entering the building.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher feel free to call the school and let our administrative assistant know that you would like for the teacher to call you so that you could set up an appointment or visit our “staff” page and send an e-mail to the teacher to let him/her know that you would like to meet.

Early in the school year we have a Meet-The-Teacher-Night where parents are welcomed into the school for an informal talk with the teachers. This is an opportunity to become familiar with the routines and expectations in your child’s new class. It is also an opportunity to give teachers information that may be helpful in teaching your child, where applicable.

Student progress will be reported three times a year by Parent-Teacher conferences and report cards. Please check the School Calendar for times and dates of these events.

Students will be promoted to the next grade if they have met all the outcomes for the present year. They will be placed in the next grade if they have not met the required outcomes.

Scheduled interviews and times will be sent home prior to the interview dates: If more time is required, parents are urged to contact the school to arrange a suitable time.

School Cancellations Due to Storms

If all schools in the English Language School Board are to be cancelled, parents will be notified by radio announcements on local stations that all schools are closed. The first notice will be broadcast by 7:00 am. In some instances, it may only be necessary to close individual families of school. Southern Kings Consolidated is in the Montague Regional High School family of schools and you can listen for the closure of that family.

One Hour Delay

In cases where a decision cannot be made by 7:00 am, a one hour delay will be announced. This means that all schools and buses may operate one hour later than the usual time. A further announcement regarding delays and/or cancellations will take place by 8:00 am.

Late Bus Runs

In some instances, even in good weather, buses may be delayed. In these cases, parents will be notified by radio that a bus or buses will be delayed for a specific amount of time. For example, if a bus is delayed 30 minutes, students can expect to meet the bus 30 minutes later than would be normally the case.

School Closure During the Day

Sometimes it may be necessary to close individual families of schools during the day in order to get children home before weather conditions become too severe. In such cases, announcements will be made on all radio stations. Parents who will not be in the home when children arrive should make alternate arrangements for the care of their children on such days. Please notify the school of these changes before winter.

Suggestions for Parents

  1. Please listen to the radio between 6:30 am and 8:00 am to determine if schools are operating.
  2. Please do not call the school board office or radio stations for information, as this jams the phone lines which are often in emergency use.
  3. Do not drop children off at school unless you are certain that school is operating that day.
  4. Make arrangements for your children in case of mid-day school closure.
  5. If schools are operating, the final decision to attend rests with you, the parent.

Hopefully, we can work together to ensure a safe winter for all our children.

Discipline Policy

An effective discipline policy in a school allows for an orderly environment in which learning can take place. Harassment of fellow students, damage to school property, insolence, profanity, fighting, use of tobacco, failure to obey teachers, and any deviant behavior that might cause injury to the student’s self or to others will not be tolerated.

Students who cause damage to school property (books, desks, chairs, bus seats, etc.) will be expected to pay for the damage. The primary contact for parents at the school is your child’s homeroom teacher. Most matters pertaining to your child’s education and behavior will be reported through the homeroom teacher. Subject teachers may also deem it necessary to discuss  work habits and/or unacceptable behavior with the parents.

Section 72 of the P.E.I. School Act states the following as student responsibilities:

  • to observe the code of conduct and other rules and policies of the school board and of the school;
  • to attend classes regularly and punctually and participate in education programs in which the student is enrolled;
  • to be diligent in pursuing the student studies;
  • to respect the rights of others.

Within the context of the expectations outlined by the School Act, the following school procedures will apply in cases where these responsibilities are discharged:

  • Stage 1: Teacher meets with the student to discuss areas of concern and possible solutions.
  • Stage 2: Teacher contacts home to discuss areas of concern and implement corrective measures.
  • Stage 3: Teacher will send the student to the office for a formal course of action. At this time, the student will be placed in one of the following steps:
    • step 1: student will be spoken to and their names will be recorded in the discipline file. Student may be given 2 days in detention.
    • step 2: parents will be notified about the student’s actions. The student will also serve 4 days in detention.
    • step 3: parents will be notified by phone (if possible) or by letter indicating that their child will be given an in-school suspension if they are sent to the office again. The student will also serve 6 days in detention.
    • step 4: Student will placed in an in-school suspension for a period of time, usually one or two days plus 6 days in detention.
    • step 5: Student will be suspended from school for a period of time.

Notwithstanding the previously outlined school policy, the School Act empowers the Principal to suspend students at any time depending on the severity of the incident.

Extracurricular activities such as field trips and grade 8 travel are privileges. Any student persistently breaking the school rules over the course of the year can expect to be excluded from such activities.

School Rules

  1. Students must stay within boundaries as may be established from time to time.
  2. Students should play with others of the same age group. 
  3. Students must not use tobacco on school property.
  4. Students are expected to play and work in a reasonable manner that will not interfere with the rights of others.
  5. Bad language will not be tolerated anywhere on school property.
  6. It is forbidden to throw snowballs or any such objects on school property.
  7. There is to be no running or other rough behavior in the school building.
  8. Students should walk in an orderly manner.
  9. Respect must be shown for school property. Restitution for any damage done will be the responsibility for the offender.
  10. Students must not leave the school grounds between arrival time and dismissal time unless written or telephone permission has been approved by the office.

Homework Policy

Students are expected to complete all their home assignments. If a student consistently does not complete her/his homework assignments, they can expect the teacher to contact home and issue detention where necessary. 

Bus Safety Rules and Regulations

Students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the school bus safety act. Failure to follow these rules and/or listen to the driver can expect the following steps to be followed:

  • Any serious infraction that occurs on the bus will be reported to the office in writing by the driver. The school will then notify the student’s parents by letter indicating that any further misbehavior will result in a bus suspension for that student.
  • If a student is given a second official misconduct report then that student will be suspended from traveling on the bus for a period of three school days.
  • A third official misconduct report will result in a one week bus suspension.
  • A fourth official misconduct report will result in a two week bus suspension.
  • Once again, the School Act empowers the Principal to suspend bus privileges at any time depending on the severity of the situation.

Bus Safety Rules

Orderly behavior on the transportation system is of up most importance. Children who misbehave on the bus distract the driver, thereby endangering themselves and others.

  1. There is to be no horseplay at bus stops. One slip at the wrong time could cause serious injury.
  2. Students should wait for their bus at a safe distance from the roadside.
  3. Bus drivers must be able to listen for signs of danger so excessive noise is not allowed.
  4. Students must stay seated.
  5. Bad language will not be tolerated.
  6. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and the students. She/he must be obeyed.
  7. Do not extend any part of your body out of the bus.
  8. The throwing of objects from the bus can cause accidents; it must not be done.
  9. Buses must be kept safe and clean. Any damage will be paid for by the offender.
  10. After leaving the bus, students must cross the road at least 10 feet in front of the bus. Look both ways.
  11. The buses cannot wait; students must be on time.
  12. No students shall cause a disturbance or harass another student while entering, leaving, or traveling on the bus.

A Sign of the Times

Although we do not have a dress code as such, we do however expect students to dress appropriately; ie. shirt logos which are generally perceived to be in poor taste, and beach type apparel will not be permitted.


Recess is held so students can get a break from their work, socialize with one another, and get some fresh air and activity. This helps students be more alert over the rest of the day.

We provide supervision so they can have this break. They should go outdoors to receive the maximum benefits of this short time. Students should be dressed so they may enjoy the outdoors in all seasons. We will have them go outside in all but the most inclement weather, such as rain or extreme cold.

If there is a good reason for your child to remain indoors during this period, the teacher must be notified on a daily basis. Students will be assigned some gainful work to do to occupy them during such a time. Students will be sent out unless we have written or telephone request to the contrary.

Outdoor footwear must be removed before proceeding into the school. An indoor pair of shoes should be worn at all times to maintain health and safety (eg. wet feet, fire drill). 

All shoes, boots, and clothing should be labeled.

Lunch Procedures

  1. There will be an allotted time for eating lunches.
  2. Students will eat at their desks. 
  3. Students will not be dismissed until their area is neat, orderly, and clean.
  4. Milk tickets can be purchased on Monday for the week.
  5. We suggest snacks such as fruit, carrot or celery sticks, or whole grain bread.

Note or Telephone Call from Parents

We require written notes from parents for the following reasons:

  1. Absenteeism
  2. Remain indoors for recess
  3. Leaving school during school day.
  4. Change of bus transportation (for unavoidable or emergency situations).

Early Arrival Policy

Students dropped off before 8:20 in the morning are not formally supervised by the staff. The school will not be held responsible for any injury that might occur during this time. Parents who drop their child off early do so at their own risk.

Students in the school prior to 8:20 am will be expected to stay in the lobby of the school until the 8:20 bell rings.


Our library is available to all classes. Students are allowed to borrow books from the library. We, in return, expect students to take proper care of the books they borrowed. Each year we have difficulty in getting some books returned on time. We would encourage both parents and students to see that books are returned on time. We have many students using the library, and as such, we would like to have as many books available as possible. Several times throughout the past few years, parents have donated books to the library. We welcome such contributions.

Extracurricular and Noon Hour Programs Available in Phys. Ed.

Students in grades 4 – 8 are encouraged to take part in noon time activities. This takes place from 11:30 – 11:55.

Students are permitted to stay after school for different sports at certain times of the year, if they wish. Notices will be sent out indicating the time, activity, and grade level and risk forms will need to be completed by parents/guardians for sporting activities.

Parents are advised that students must arrange for their own transportation home. It would be very helpful to us, since students know ahead of time about school activities, that they arrange for their drives prior to the day on which they stay after school.

Internet Use

Students must have a formal document signed by their parents before using the Internet. Any breach of this document could result in loss of Internet privileges.

Southern Kings Use of Electronic Devices

The Public Schools Branch has established an acceptable use policy regarding the use of personal electronic devices. 

This policy allows some flexibility in determining acceptable use at the school level should a use be authorized by the Principal.

For our school, authorized use will be permitted under the following conditions:

  1. Students and parents take responsibility for loss or breakage should the parent allow their child to bring a device to school; eg. iPOD, DS and the like. PSB personnel are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices.
  2. No student shall take pictures of other students or staff while on the school bus or in the school building. This helps to reduce distraction of the bus driver and disruption in class. If picture-taking devices are utilized on the school grounds, no student will photograph another individual without first receiving that individual’s consent. Under no circumstances will the posting of such pictures be permitted on the Internet. Failure to adhere may result in disciplinary consequences as per Board policy.
  3. Student use of such devices is only with teacher permission and under teacher supervision. Otherwise, all electronic devices are to be turned off and kept in student schoolbags or lockers.

Consequences Staff may confiscate any electronic device, unless authorized for use that is visible and comes under the above criteria.  If such a device is confiscated, it may be returned to the student at the end of the day or it may be held by the school until a parent is able to pick it up.

Please discuss this policy with your children.