Feb 9, 2021

Submitted by axmurphy on Tue, 02/09/2021 - 10:11

Today is Day 2.

No birthdays today.

Breakfast today: Pancakes

Breakfast tomorrow: Dry cereal & 1/2 banana

Lunch today: Rink & PEI Healthy Lunch

It's winter carnival week! Today is free hat day & wear school colors (blue/yellow).

Due to the storm, sleigh rides will now take place on Thursday this week. Please ensure permission forms are returned asap.

Tomorrow: Free hat day and we will have our outdoor activities in the afternoon instead of Friday.  PJ day will now be Friday.  We had to make this change due to the storm.  Classes will also be served hot chocolate tomorrow.

Gr 7/8 boys have badminton after school today.  Gr 5/6 girls will be tomorrow.

Students: please return the parent teacher interview forms asap.